Posting Guidelines

We have had some questions about posting things to the game and what our posts should look like. In an effort to dispell the confusion, I am posting these guidelines. These are by no means set in stone, but will hopefully aid you when posting. If you have an idea for a new guideline or a question of any kind, please bring it up in the OOC forum.

One Post/Day Minimum

Please make sure you post at least once per day so the story can keep moving. if it has been more than 36 hours since your last post, play may continue and your character will be considered as doing nothing or considering future actions.

Post Formatting

When writing your posts, format it as though you were writing a book with one addition: Place game-mechanic related content in square brackets. Here is an example of the format i’m looking for.
I swing my war-hamster at the bar-tender and shout, “Suck it con queso, Biatch!.” [Attack Roll 15, Damage 3 with war-hamster]

Multiple Posts/Day

The GM will wait for everyone to post at least one thing to the board before advancing the story, but players may post multiple times/round without waiting for other players to post.

Skill checks

Only skill checks that have game/plot consequences need to be rolled out. Spotting a tankard on a table in a bar does not require a perception check. Spotting the Holy-Tankard of McGuffin among a whole plethora of Imitation-Tankards of Death, while fending off the minions of Baron von Badass on a rope-bridge spanning the bottomless pit of Slug’nedthulu, does require a perception check. When in doubt, ask.

Narrative Liberties

Players are pretty much free to add as much or as little to the narrative of the game as they would like provided they keep themselves within the following limits.

  1. Treat the elements introduced by other players the way you would like yours to be treated.
  2. Limit any items introduced to the game to mundane items. If there is a magic item you would like to have, talk with the GM, he will find a way for you to get it if it fits with the story.
  3. Treat the posts of your fellow players as gospel. Don’t contradict the statements of the other players.

Posting Guidelines

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