Evil has come to the town of Buckwater. A strange curse has fallen upon the town. No one know the source. No one knows the reason. All that is known at this point is that something terrible has happened to this little town.

You each may have your own motivation for coming to Buckwater, but it is clear that you must work together to uncover the truth of what happened and free this town from it’s curse.

This is my first attempt at running a Play-by-Post Game, so I hope it will be enjoyable. We will be using D&D or Pathfinder for the system, because i’m pretty sure everyone has access to those games.

I’m expecting us to each get at least one post per day. I understand that life happens, though and sometimes we may miss one. it’s cool. I want play to proceed though, even if someone has missed a post, so if you have not posted with in 36 hours of your last post, Play will continue as though your character were simply contemplating His next action or continuing his previous action. If Combat is occurring, Your Character will act in his/her own defense and in defense of the party to the best of his/her abilities in the Judgement of the GM. As GM, I promise not to screw your characters if you happen to not be able to post.

The main in character forum will be “Curse of Buckwater (IC)”. This is where the action will happen. Please keep all discussion in this forum In Character. Use this forum to describe your characters actions and dialogues. All statements made in this forum will be taken as in character

There will also be a forum entitled “Curse of Buckwater (OOC)” This is where any out-of-character discussion of the game or anything else may happen.

There will, of course, be other forums that may have other purposes. Perhaps to show a dialogue between characters. I encourage each of you to engage other characters in means other than the IC forum. You could for example Chat with each other away from the forum in an IM app or even over voice. I would love, if this occurs, for there to be a record of the conversation. if you are able to get a log from chat or record a Skype conversation that would be awesome. If all else fails, just give me a little write up about the conversation. Of course there may also be some role-play i may not need to know about. In which case, don’t worry about letting me know what happened.

I’ll be using this wiki for record-keeping, so if you need any reminders about the setting or characters feel free to browse.

Let’s have a lot of fun with this.

Curse of Buckwater

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